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Best headphone amp/dac for hd 650's?

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by ultramabi, Jul 22, 2017.
  1. ultramabi
    Hey guys I'm getting some sennheiser hd650s and need an amp/dac. What would you guys recommend? Also should I get it separately or as an amp/dac combo? Sorry guys I'm kind of new to amps/dacs as this will be the first time spending money on them.
  2. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Practically any of the following depending on what you can spend

    Schiit Modi2 Uber + Vali2
    Schiit Bifrost + Valhalla2 (if you won't use lower sensitivity, low impedance headphones)
    AudioGD NFB-11
    Meier DACcord FF + Classic FF
    Violectric V200 with DAC module

    Depends on what you prefer. Personally it comes down to how much size and what shape of space you can give up on your desk. AudioGD NFB-11 is short in terms of height but is long to the rear. Schiit amps and DACs when stacked take up less width and even less depth but will be taller.

    The best DAC-HPamp designs have power supply designs that will cope with having to run both (at most a tiny peak-to-peak voltage swing drop but it's not like the HD650 will suffer from getting 10v vs 12v). Just don't get one with the USB DAC totally dependent on USB power because that's how you get some compatibility problems in case waht you plug it into can't supply enough consistently (ie some motherboards don't supply 5v if all USB ports are in use).
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2017
    I use stuffs with hd650 as in picture.
    1. ADL35iR brings treble+ and detail
    2. 7N OFC brings bass and warm mid, deatail.
    3. 6SN7GTB tube bring sweet mid and extendend treble.
    4. 6H13C bring overall smooth for listening hours w/o tired at any volume.

    I just use those cheap tubes(usally in box) after I change stock cable.

  4. VinylDan1
    Im in the same boat, trying to make a decision. I am leaning towards a Schiit Modi Multibit and a Magni 2 Uber. But I am also considering the Vali 2.....
  5. PeterMac
    I use my tablet Dell Venue 8 Pro with HD600, and they sound amazing not even worse as my Xonar STX II soundcard and other external amps.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2017
  6. kadrian
    Schiit Jotunheim is one of the best dac/amp for hd650.
  7. anuenlil
    I've had great synergy between HD650 and Neco Soundlab Bossfet, and with Graham Slee Solo UL.
  8. BobG55
    JDS Labs O2-ODAC
  9. RiflemanFirst
    Currently using a Schiit Modi Multibit & Vali 2 here, sounds great. I plan to get a Jotunheim soon too.
  10. ahmadfaizadnan
    Most people suggest based on what they've heard themselves. If you put a budget limit, that would help for a better suggestion because HD650 escalates with better amp.

    I love mine with X-sabre and Liquid Carbon through balanced.
  11. VGoghs earfrmsc
    Little dot mkiii, you can tube roll with this as well. It was actually made with the 650s in mind.

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