Best headphone AMP/DAC Combo for HD800 S under $1000 USD

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by tamahome5555, Jan 2, 2018.
  1. tamahome5555
    So I recently ordered an HD 800S which I'm still waiting in mail. So I decided to look around for the best AMP/DAC combo around Head-Fi but I still couldn't find the right one for specific "Sennheiser HD 800S" under $1000 USD. I can go over a little bit up to $1,200 but nothing more.

    I heard good things about Schiit Jotunheim however, I've heard that it's a bit too bright for HD800S

    Currently I have SMSL M6 and a Sennheiser HD598 but I don't think SMSL M6 Is powerful enough for it..

    I'm thinking of Gustard A20H and I've heard good things about it, any recommendations that would help me choose an AMP/DAC for HD800 S? I would prefer to have complete solid state because I don't really want a maintenance. Thanks!
  2. Eclektic
    I'm also looking in the $1000 range for a 6xx. I initially had the Jotunheim but I've now narrowed it down to either of these:
    - TEAC UD-301
    - Fostex HP-A4 or HP-A4BL if you prefer balanced for its extra power.

    CES 2018 is also next week so we might see some interesting new offerings.
  3. GearMe
    FWIW, I hate the tube maintenance thing...but found that my enjoyment of my high-impedance Senns & Beyers increased when I got a tube amp (still have SS for other cans).

    You could do Bimby / Lyr 2 (w/LISST and tubes) for about $1100. That way you have options of SS and Tube
  4. ostewart
    Tubes do not take much maintenance, I had my Feliks audio Espressivo for 2 years without having any hassle.

    If I were you, I would get the Feliks audio Espressivo MKII with the JDS Labs EL-DAC for a HD800 based setup. Such an excellent sounding rig for the price.
  5. tamahome5555
    The only reason why I wanted a solid state amp is due to I mostly plug it off usb and I generally use it more than 10 hours a day. I would get tube amp if I use it less than that.

    Maybe a hybrid tube/solid state would work but I’d like to see more list to consider.
  6. winja
    I've been enjoying using the Matrix M Stage HPA-3B with my HD800. I don't mod mine cause I don't feel like it needs it.

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