Best Grado tube amp for under $750?
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Feb 29, 2008
the darkvoices tend to have too little output capacitance for the low impedance phones (which on an otl amp need around 470uf.)

Got to say, we tried grados on a very good bijou (DIY), a darkvoice 336se and a millet starving student.

Starving student won! all three of us preferred it. very good synergy.
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Nov 23, 2008
This is good to hear. I had a Bottlehead Foreplay and Paramours back in college. I loved them and for some stupid reason got rid of them. The Bottlehead S.E.X. might be the way to go,


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The Bottlehead stock is a warmer/ thicker sounding amp that is not as detailed, dynamic or fast as the PPX3. However, the sound IS musical and non-fatiguing and the amps ample bass power is routinely evident. Mine has a seperate high and low impedance tap off the output transformers switchable with a selector switch .... with 25 ohm resistors vs the 120 ohm resistors in the stock amp on the low impedance headphone output. The high impedance tap has no resistors in front of headphone output and the amp can blow your head off with Grados or Senns.

Of all the amps I have had I like the SPs best. But, I have had a number of other good amps through here and I have kept the Bottlehead and the Sound Quest SQ-84. I prefer the Bottlehead to the Woo 3 or Woo 6, Dark Voice 336SE (I just bought) and much better than the stock Doge 6210s (before modding). I would probably take the Bottlehead over the Mapletree Ear+ too .... because in addition to as good or better low impedance performance the Bottlehead definitely drives high impedances better than the Ear+.


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