Best cable length combo.
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Feb 6, 2005
I'm getting Ultrasone Edition 9's with APS V3 soft nylon sleeve and I want to use them as much as possible.

I also don't want a tangle of wires and coiled up thick cables stuffed in pockets.

I want the best combo of length SQ and versatility.

I'll be using a TTVJ Millet portable, iPod classic with ALO dock cable. For my "non-sports portable" rig.

So what you use? A 20 inch V3 to 3.5mm plug cable to your shirt pocket which has the millet and ipod classic? In wintertime it goes to the inside jacket chest pocket?

Will that be too short and too much weight for a front pocket? I am thinking possibly yes. Anyone try this?

Likely OK for a lightweight predator + nano.

What length goes well to a pants front pocket?

Also I was thinking about getting a longer cable for laptop use.... but then I thought.....

I might go USB to predator to TTVJ Millet portable to headphones.... and so I could use a long USB cable?

Do longer USB cables degrade the sound... I would think not at all since it is digital...and has not been converted yet and USB has error I wrong?

A longer USB cable in this case is better than a long APS V3 extension cable right?
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Aug 18, 2007
Digital audio doesn't use checksums and error correction, so I use the shortest best quality USB cable I can find. I had a decent one laying around the house, so I can't recommend a brand. Someone here uses a Kimber USB cable.

I would never re-cable a headphone shorter than 4 feet unless it was a removable cable like on an HD600 or HD25-1. An APS v3 cable will sound the same whether 4 feet or 15 feet, so that isn't an issue.

You will never carry an ipod with TTVJ in your shirt pocket - a jacket pocket, cargo pants pocket or a fanny pack hanging off your shoulder is more feasible.

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