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May 8, 2013
I noticed this lately but how come stores like Best Buy or Target or NFM don't carry the Sony earbuds that are higher end ones like the XBA series? They don't even carry the MDR-EX210B. They only carry the $20 one that is the MDR-EX37B. I wanted to try the XBA 1 or 2 and see how they sound but stores localy don't have them. I only see them on Ebay or Amazon. Best Buy use to carry earbuds that were like $100 or $60 or so back around 2007 but lately they carry cheap ones like Gummys or Skullcady or even Beats but those are expensive but I don't like them since people say they aren't good and they are soo expensive since it has the rappers name on it. I see that beats are like Bose in a way since you are paying for the name. But my point is why there aren't any Sony earbuds that are better than the EX37B at local stores? Where can I go to get them localy or listen to the XBA series.  I live in Omaha, NE USA.
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Nov 19, 2011
Same happens in my country, Chile. I think you should get an over-ear like the MDR-V55 or the MDR-1R those are much better in comparison. Loook at the local guitar shops they tend to have good headphones

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