best bassy in ear or portable headphones?
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im looking for a nice set of bassy in ear headphones or portable headphones for my archos 605. it has a pretty powerful internal amp better than ipods and lets me push alot of bass onto my sennheiser hd212 pro but i cant really carry those headphones around everywhere. im really looking for a nice set of in ear headphones or portable headphones that will provide alot of bass. right now im leaning toward v-moda bass freq headphones but im not sure. can someone give me some feedback on these? my price range is btwn 50-75 dollars and i dont want dj style headphones so no dt-770s and such i need something light and portable. let me know what you guys think will be the best set for me
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Bass heavy?...I would definitely recommend the UE SF5 EB
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I have tried Audio technica ATH-Pro5 portable headphones and they're really bass heavy. They're about 60 bucks and can be ordered from They are too bass focused for my taste, but it's pretty good value for your money.
I have moved onto A900s for semi-portable solution (even though they're gigantic and people look at you funny) and I feel that it gives better sounds unamped - straight out from my X5.
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Clip ons... only things I can think of are Koss KSC 75 and Audio-technica E series... I haven't heard KSC75s personally, but ATs generally have weak bass as I had EM7s for a while.
I'm thinking of purchasing PortaPros and try them, but I am unsure how this will look on me, as they are not the most fashion-centric 'phones.
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hm are there any good over the ear type headphones for bass?
like clip ons or something? nothing too big looking more of a stealthy look

Clip ons that have bass would definitely warrant the KSC75. If you want stealth, the KSC35 is even stealthier, especially if you have dark hair and have heavier bass than the KSC75. They are also harder to find as they are no longer produced by Koss, but they still pop up online in auction sites like eBay every now and then.
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so i see u want a slim profile with bass to it. well i know u may hate these and u think they are crap, but i am low on a budget and i got the sennheiser PX100's. my goodness, these are very light, and easy to carry, u are able to fold them and put them in a case but, their so slim, i dont even fold em up. it has a very good bass response too. and...they are very cheap..well for u i guess, i got them for 33 bucks, which is a good deal. thats just my two cents, but i wont be surprised if u dont want them, but u were looking for some slim stealthy looks, and thats what i would recommend for the small look.
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Bass heavy?...I would definitely recommend the UE SF5 EB


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Sf5 Eb


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Ue Sf5 Eb


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Probably the UE Super .fi 5 EB's

I think we have a winner...
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CX300,mylarone xb, igrado, skullcandy smoking buds ect,

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