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Best Bass AND Best Isolation

  1. JohnLD
    What headphones have the best bass without alot of sound leaking. When I say best bass I mean the kind that will vibrate my whole damn head haha. I want to be able to blast it. I've been looking into V-Moda LP's, LP2's and M-100's. also I'm looking for circumaural. My price range is $200 and under. ALSO, I'm really not a fan of sony, so please don't suggest them. The look is so bulky and obnoxious.

  2. TrollDragon
    M-Audio Q40's sorry never heard them but they are highly recommended in the other 20+ best bass for under $XXX threads. :D

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  3. TwinQY
    First off - http://www.head-fi.org/t/596233/buying-portable-or-in-ear-headphones-seeking-guidance-dont-start-a-new-thread-ask-for-advice-here
    And there's also this  - http://www.head-fi.org/t/662750/v-moda-lp2-vs-m-audio-q40-vs-ath-m50#post_9412395
    Not to mention this thread. It's probably not prudent to make duplicate threads of essentially very similar questions where you could keep it on at least one thread. If you feel like no one's answering, do wait a while or just bump the thread if it's gone on for more than at least a day and no one has replied yet.
  4. JohnLD

    I've done that before. No one answers my question. Also don't comment in this thread I you're not going to answer the question. Obviously I wouldn't start a new thread if I hadn't tried the other ones first.
  5. laowai
    So, TwinQY, you see that only I'm bothered of your flood. Instead of spamming, you could give some really useful pieces of advice.
  6. JohnLD

    Thankyou! I feel like he has nothing better to do with his time than being a fanboy of headfi and patrolling through threads, making sure they follow the rules exactly. Like seriously?
  7. TwinQY
    Note - from another "duplicate thread".
    It's fine if you didn't find an answer on that thread - I had to search quite a ways back to find your original post so people must have really not answered. I wasn't aware - usually I check the profiles to see if they've posted before there and if they have I would just omit that link since they've already been aware/or have tried over there. This time it slipped my mind.
    I bolded the part in the quote that you see above as that was the primary reason I responded - in case people didn't see the previous threads and was unaware of the context. I might not be able to answer but others would certainly be able to and perhaps this would make things easier for them.
    No upholding rules - although rules are nice. Only directing to resources in case they weren't aware (when you first join apparently you get PMed with those links but there's a slight delay which is why many people make new threads right when they log in).
    I am trying to help out if you misunderstand my intentions. This doesn't take as much time as it should and yet not a lot of people do it, which is a shame and  is likely another factor in why your threads and questions were left unnoticed.
    Did you read my previous response to you? Did you respond to it? 
  8. warrenpchi Administrator
    First of all...
    Bingo!  That really should do it.  If that alone does not suffice, maybe a CMoy w/bass boost will help.
    Secondly, I have found that this tends to not be the case.  Many a new member has rushed to post a new thread without first posting in the recommendation thread.
    Seriously you guys?  Take it easy fellas... no one got hurt here.  [​IMG]

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