Best antivirus for Windows 7?
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Microsoft Security Essentials, plus Ghostery and a custom hosts file to help keep Opera even cleaner than normal (Ghostery is available for more than Opera - I suggest people check it out). A good web browser and good browser security settings can go a long way towards a clean computer. MSE basically replaces AV + Windows Defender (and I like Defender better than Spybot because it also includes a process explorer and less invasive real-time protection).

I know there's a quarterly testing of anti-virus software put together by a third-party network security firm, but I always forget where to find it when I want it. The last few times I checked this (in 2011-2012), MSE was near the top of the heap (free or paid), along with Kapersky and the commercial version of Norton iirc. AVG has too many false positives if you're a gamer (it doesn't like Steam, SecuRom, StarForce, etc), and had a relatively low real-time protection score (the real-time protection is AVG's weak point).

Aside from MSE, the other thing I'd suggest to people is seeing if their ISP offers free anti-virus with the web service; I know some do (usually McAffee or Norton). The idea being to help remove general crap from their networks and reduce bandwidth usage by preventing botnets methinks. But you get a benefit from it too.
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Recently read a comparison and bitdefender was 1st, eset is a good one too. Although both are paid. Avg is free and cheap, although not as good as eset or bit defender, from the comparisons I've seen.
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I am currently recommending Microsoft Security Essentials. I previously used AVG and was happy with it, but in the interest of trying new things I gave it a shot, and I was a little bit happier with it overall. Would also recommend installing Malwarebytes as well.
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Kirosia also uses malywarebytes. Before it was Avast, but the uninstall caused issues. Kirosia doesn't like drama in his life.
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So while Malwarebytes is great (I use it myself) it's not an anti-virus product, which is what the OP asked. It's well, a malware cleaner that's non-active. If you're looking for anti virus, I'd echo the sentiments of many others here with MSE.
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Another vote for Malwarebytes. In fact, one of our computers just got infected with a virus, the name of which escapes me right now. But, we installed Malwarebytes and it took care of it.
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Damn, im not the only one using Ghostery + MSE. 

I used AVG in the past. 

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