Best amp under $100 for Shure E500?
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Jun 5, 2004
I just got an iPod Photo for a fairly cheap price on eBay and I'd like to find a budget amp to go with it. Nothing fancy, just something solid and with relatively crisp highs to complement the Shure's warm sound signature. I'm also looking for something with a good soundstage. I was considering the Minibox-D, is that a decent bet? Also, are Go-Vibes even made anymore? I can't find any information on buying one. Also, the C&C Box+ looks promising, any experience with that?
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I bought the microshar uamp 107 for my grado sr80s and they sound great to me. incredible battery life and only 85.00; really can't go wrong as a starter amp. Hope this helps.
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They don't need it but it sure does help...At 36 ohms the E500s sure as heck don't need an amp to get loud enough to hurt your ears. However, as one that primarily uses them it does make a difference. Fills out the bass, soundstage, etc. Also improves the dynamic response. The SE530s are one of those "only-as-good-as-what-they're-plugged-into" kinda phones, and as such any improvement of components in the signal chain can only make them sound better. The nice thing about them though is that virtually any amp can make them sound better. No need for some high powered, amp here any $100 job will work just fine. In answer to your question the C&C box+ would be a great little amp. Good battery life, and bass and soundstage adjustments.
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Yeah, the main reason is that the iPod Photo headphone out is basically garbage, but I love the Apple interface and the price was right. The 4G B&W sounded rather lifeless, but on top of that the 4G Photos tend to distort at high frequencies with low impedance headphones. It seems like the ideal combination right now for capacity and versatility and SQ is a Rockboxed iPod through the line out.
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I am perfectly happy with my e500s and the headphone out of my ipods. What comes to my mind is jan meiers headsix (USD 165), but this seems above your budget.

With my akg 701 and my denon D2000, I use a corda2move that enhances the sound of the e500 i low gain mode. But then it adds bulk, weigt and cables to the portable rig.
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Sorry, forgot to mention: I have no personal experience with Nuforce. Skylab and HeadphoneAddict reviewed it and found it to be Headsix-like in terms of sound sig. I consider Meier Move is a good match to E500. Headsix sounds like Move, and Nuforce sounds like Headsix...

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