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Best amp out of these 3?

  1. ultramabi
    Hi I’m wondering which one of these amps is the best to buy as I am kinda a newbie to amps. I’m only gonna spend up to 30 dollars I just want to know what the best amp is out of these three. Please also let me know how to compare amps if you know how.

    YOHOOLYO Portable Headphone Amp vs fiio a1 vs m-audio bass traveler.
    Last edited: Jan 18, 2018
  2. serman005
    What is the headphone you will be using? What is the possibility of saving for a bit and getting you into an amp at a slightly higher price point? That would really be your best option as far as getting value for price. Let us know.
  3. ultramabi
    I will be using the hifiman he400i’s and akg k7xx.
  4. ProtegeManiac Contributor
    Sensitivity on those aren't that high so adding a little bit of power over what you're using now won't really push them or even make that much of an audible difference apart from if you're using a high output impedance device on them or something with very low power.

    You might as well just save up and get the Schiit Modi2 and Magni3 or Vali2 later. Or the AudioGD NFB-11.

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