Best 650 upgrade for $2k
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Feb 15, 2014
Hi guys,

I’ve exhausted all my options for the price point I’m looking for so hoping someone can be of help. I’m looking for a can that has forward mids like the 650s but more detail and clarity while still preserving good sub or midbass. I need at least Focal Clear level of details.

I’ve tried the Auteurs, Atticus, Aeons, Aryas, Edition XX, LCD 2/3/X and read about the Ether 2s and Stellias but have yet to find something as described. Currently my Elegias get the closest to the signature I want but the bass is a little lacking in quantity (I’d consider the Auteur or LCD the perfect level of bass).

It seems like all flagships are going for a balanced or neutral sound signature which is fine but leaves us mid heads out of luck.

I’m not willing to really go over $2k. I’ll probably do a max of $2k for another amp as at that point I’d be going TOTL with ECP or Eddie Current etc. Right now I’m looking at a MJ2.

Thanks for any help.
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