Beginner Albums For Classical and Jazz
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Instead of giving you an album recommendation, I will say that with both of these genres, Wikipedia can be a great resource. I'm pretty new to both myself, and when I find an album I like, I will go to it's article on wikipedia.

With Jazz it's great because you can learn who else played on the album, who influenced who. It's a never ending musical tree, branching off all over the place.

+1 on this. For me, I tend to pick up on bass players. Kind of Blue featured Paul Chambers, one of the greats. So I started trawling through more of his work, then picked up on another great, Ray Brown. From him I got into Ron Carter and Charles Mingus and now I listen to music featuring Christian McBride, the (relatively) new kid on the block on upright. One of the best double bass sounds I've heard for a while was on Chet Baker's White Blues album, a guy called Ricardo del Fra was responsible, so now I'm looking up his back catalogue.

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