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Beats Advocate

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by twomygame, Jul 11, 2013.
  1. twomygame
    I used to be on eCoustics forum raving about subwoofers, so you know I'm about good quality bass that hits hard. (Had an Alpine Type-X subwoofer) Since I don't drive anymore I'm looking for a headphone to replace a 12. And with all this Beats hate I figured, "gee there really must be better headphones than Beats." So far, wrong. I just tried the bass kings, the 'Ultrasone Pro 900' and even amped up with a Fiio E7 the lows were nowhere near close to the Studio's. Sure the high's and mid's were amazing, but the sub bass came nowhere near close. Unless you want treble putting a hole in your ear while doing so. Now I Iisten to a lot of hard hitting rap like Three 6 Mafia & Bone Thugs 'n Harmony and I'm not just some dumbass from the ghetto. The Beats so far have outperformed the Ultrasone & the ATH-50 I bought. Now I'm looking to sell them and get another pair of Studio's or Pro's. Unless your calling my genre of music retarded there's no way you can hate on Beats. Yeah, I admit the high's and mid's suck. But the bass rules. And, yes, it is ghetto bass but I like it. And it comes the closest to a hard hitting W6. I would compare the 900 to an 8. The ultrasone's were $600, but I paid $320 and now I gotta find a way to get rid of them since ****yy ass DJDeals doesn't return headphones. To the people on here who solely listen to rap and hip hop on here, what can you honestly say outperforms Dre's headphones. Sure, if you listen to Rock, Trance or Techno, or even Drum 'n Bass I can understand why Beats suck. But for those who only listen to hard hitting gangster rap, leave Beats out of the equation, because they rule. Now I'm not trying to post this with a closed mind. But so far others recommendations have steered me in the wrong direction. I agree, I hate mainstream, hype and all that bullsh*t that goes along with misinformation, advertising and marketing. But so far they've been selling good for a reason. And as much as I WANT to listen to you guys on here. I gotta realize that everyone's musical taste buds are different. In the end, if you want bass that are equal to having 15's in the trunk, so far I've found nothing better than Beats. Sorry to say. Don't get me wrong, I hate trends, I hate fashions but if I have to look like a d-bag and rock a B on the side of my cans to hear good bass, than so be-at it. Also, still waiting for my xb500's so maybe there still is hope. But otherwise you guys are WRONG! (You can pick up a pair for $180 in Amazon) Just proof that not every Beats fan is a misinformed idiot with a big wallet.
  2. twomygame
    And you can so oh well try the DZ 9000's or the SG-20's but I'm doubtful. Maybe I should have titled this thread, "Disappointed in the 900's," but I heard they killed the Dre's in bass. Like a lot if other so called headphones. In ghetto bass, the Dre's probably slaughter any other headphone in the market.
  3. GL1TCH3D
    Sub-bass? Studios take a nose-dive under 30hz

    Meanwhile the roll off for the 900s isn't as bad.

    I'd also like to add that audiophiles go for quality SOUND. Not excessive loose bass.
  4. twomygame
    Yeah, your right for one song I did notice a much lower frequency being hit. But it wasn't that loud.
  5. GL1TCH3D

    Maybe it feels like studios have more sub bass because of the 30hz bump.
  6. twomygame
    I just want something that sounds like my old 12. I want to make a change to my post & said the Beats sound like a W6, I take that back. They sound like my old Sony X-Plod's which sucked compared to my Alpine. Anybody that knows car audio has an idea that Sony sucks. Maybe the headphone game is different. But I just can't find anything better. They had great bass (900's) but it just wasn't loud enough, and the treble pierced my ears when amplified. I need something else to lean on and the Studio's are my backbone for now. Hopefully the xb5's can show 'em up.
  7. Diablosbud
    I have a feeling you'll like the XB500, it's similar to Beats in bass quantity and has better quality bass in my opinion. The mid-range isn't as smeared from the mid-bass hump as with Beats, so vocals should be more prominent and full-bodied.
  8. dbdynsty25
    V-Moda M100 if you want refined bass or their LP2 if you want a more DJ-ish, looser bass.  
    As for Beats...I personally really like the Mixr headphones.  They seemed to clean up the sound of the Studios.  I was anti-beats before getting a pair of those, now I'm all for em.  :)  But ultimately I reach for the M100s each night because the entire spectrum is just that much better.
  9. trentrosa
    Beyerdynamic dt770 pro. *80 ohm

    The bass is ridiculous. Just ridiculous.

    Use the eq on a fiio e11 and I swear it feels like you've taped two subs to side of your head. The cans shake.
  10. twomygame
    I'll have to try those out. I heard Lil' Wayne uses the Mixr's but then I found out he has a one mil. pair of diamond incrusted Pro's.
  11. twomygame
  12. ToddTheMetalGod
    You also have to remember that he probably gets payed to use them, since it advertises the Beats brand.
  13. twomygame

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