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Beatles, Japanese CD to buy

  1. crowally
    Any recommendation where I could buy a particular Japanese release of the Beatles' CD?
    Apart from eBay and Discogs, of course.
  2. wuwhere Contributor
    You can try Audiogon, Audiomart and other audio sites.
  3. wuwhere Contributor
    Another site that you can try is Steve Hoffman's Music Forum, good luck.
  4. KT66
    No point, will only sound the same or worse than the 2009 cds, I'm a member on Steve Hoffman and just saved you about 2 weeks of reading!
  5. rgs9200m
    I highly recommend the Japanese SHM Beatles CDs. They much less fatiguing and have much less glare than all the others I have heard. They are atmospheric and have more depth. 
    So far I've used Senn HD600, HD650, Grado PS1000e, and a Stax SR007 mk2. Especially good are Rubber Soul and Sgt. Pepper, but all are excellent.
    The 2009 remasters sound kind of flat and there is still some shrillness in the vocals and some fatigue. And they sound relatively flat w/o air compared to the SHM.
    And the SHMs have more transparent, deeper bass.
    The SHMs are not on SACD/DSD resolution level, but they are more resolving than any other Beatles discs or the Beatles USB stick that I have.
  6. rgs9200m
    The CD The Beatles: The Lost Studio Sessions is superb. Great versions and sound quality.

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