Bay Area Meet July 29, 2023
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Nov 5, 2014
Bay Area, CA
Hi everybody! We are at it again in the Bay (reference If you are interested in bringing your gear and getting a table spot, please join the discord (link below) and fill out the sign up sheet. I will follow up with you in the coming weeks to give you details on the event, etc. That being said, if you have headphones or IEMs (or even DAPs) that are portable, feel free to bring those with you and carry those around to test out all the cool stuff that will be there. So here are the details:

Important notes:
  1. You will need to present your ticket at the table and receive a name tag (and raffle ticket for a giveaway). This ensures that we are keeping within the capacity limitations of the venue.
  2. If you are selected to bring your own setup, please arrive 1.5 hours before the event to set up. There will also be 1.5 hours after the event is over to break down and pack up.
  3. Gear list to come.
We are sponsored by Schiit Audio!!! Please thank them for helping us put together this meet and be able to enjoy this bigger venue and the space needed to bring more of us together! Also for sending us awesome gear.

Jason from Schiit will be in attendance so come by and say hi!

Note: Please be conscious of your manners and hygiene. If there’s a line growing behind you or for the table, limit your listening time and come back when the table isn’t as packed. Let’s let everyone listen. Also keep in mind you will be demoing other people’s gear. Please be clean, wash up, don’t put products in your hair, clean your ears, etc. Be respectful. There’s a lot of cool gear here.

List of contributing manufacturers/companies (gear to be announced):
  1. Schitt Audio: Sponsor and sending SchiitKit
  2. Campfire
  3. Geshelli & Sparkos
  4. Bottlehead
  5. STAX
  7. ETA Headphones
  9. ZMF
Location and Date/Time:
Saturday July 29, 2023
11:30 – 4:30 PM PST
420 S 1st St
San Jose, CA 95113

Discord link for our Bay Area community:

Eventbrite Link:

Gear List (work in progress):
Geshelli (with Sparkos):
Socketed JNOG2 (with Sparkos)
Archel 3

Yggy LiM
Bifrost 2
Modded MMB1
PS Audio PWD

Production Models
Modded Valhalla 2

SR-003MK2 + D10 (Portable Headphones System)
SR-L500MK2 + SRM-400S
SR-X9000 + SRM-T8000

Solaris ‘Stellar Horizon’
Andromeda ‘Emerald Sea’
Trifecta ‘Astral Plane’

Their new modular cables! TBD

Stat Electrostatic Headphone Energizer
Nectar Estat

Yggy+ and Ragnarok
Bifrost 2/64 and Lyr+
Jot with the true multibit module
First Article Mjolnir 3

Atrium Closed

From the community:
Chord Qutest Vioiletric V280 HD800 Shure 1840 T1 3rd Gen
RGPC1200S, Denafrips Pontus II, Woo Audio WA-22, ZMF Auteur Classic
IEMs & Portable/Dongle Dac/Amps. List TBA
Bryston, RME, STAX, Audeze (exact items TBA)
RME ADI-2 DAC FS, Lake People G108, Schiit Valhalla 2, LCD-X, HD800S, Aeon 2 Noire, HD650, Solid Sound VX
DNA Starlett, L0rdGwyn Aegis, Mhdt Orchid, ZMF Verite Closed
Gustard U18, Aya 5, Gustard R26, Get-set-go Amp, Sapphire v4, 6SL7/6SN7 OTL, PS500, HE6se, HD650, HD580
Centrance Dacport HD, Quad ERA-1, Meze 99 Noir
XI Audio Formula S+ Powerman, Schiit Yggy A2, Abyss Diana Phi, Mutec MC3+usb
Lambda Pro, SR-009
AüR Audio Aurora, AüR Audio Neon Pro, AüR Audio Alita, Penon Serial 3DD, Penon 10th Anniversary Edition, ISN Audio Neo 5, Sound Rhyme SR7, Sound Rhyme SR8, Sound Rhyme SR5, Penon Impact

More to come.....

Geshelli (with Sparkos) and HIFI FOR ALL have graciously decided to give us some units to give away at the end of the meet. Geshelli (along with Sparkos) will be giving away the demo socketed J2 (with the Sparkos upgrade) and the Archel 3 ( HIFI FOR ALL will be giving away a few of their cables. Giveaway will be at 3:30 PM so stick around to the end to have a chance to win!

Photos from the prior event:
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How's this coming along for this weekend? Tickets available at venue I assume? Thanks.
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I'll be there as well...coming up before noon and will be there until the end.

Denise is also sending a first article Mjolnir 3.
Schiit Audio Stay updated on Schiit Audio at their sponsor profile on Head-Fi.
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It’s definitely happening. Tickets will be available at the venue but it’s still using the Eventbrite website and app. So getting it there is the same process as getting it now ahead of time. And there are still a lot of tickets available.
Gotcha. Put in the req. on Everbrite and just printed. Hopefully I'll be able to swing by. Place looks pretty cool. Never been there before.
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This was a lot of fun and I'm glad to have gone. My wife and I both found it eye-opening. Some key highlights:

- Being able to listen to multiple Stax setups - both at the Stax table as well as privately owned.

- Finally getting to listen to some Focal headphones - both the Clear and the Utopia.

- Meeting someone showing off his hand-built amps, which all sounded terrific.

This helped me self-calibrate (at least a little) around what sound I prefer. My own listening was short so as to be mindful of others who might be waiting, but there were enough listening sessions with the same tracks that I could start to discern the character of different setups which I suppose is the single most important benefit of having meet-ups like this.

Thank you to the companies and private individuals who contributed!
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