BASSHEAD IEM with remote under 300$
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100+ Head-Fier
Mar 10, 2013
The IEM must not be over the ears. Must come with a cable that have control/mic for Android or Iphone (preferably both). Preferably should fully enter the ear so that I can use it while sleeping with a head on a pillow. Should have great, impactful bass and subbass that would shake my head, without sacrificing highs and mids.
What would be your advise? And where could I buy them?

The only idea I got so far is to get Sony XB90ex and order a custom cable from Hakuzen? This way I can get controls to work for Android/Iphone I hope, of course I won't be able to sleep with them, on the other hand I heard I can get a great bass and subbass with them.

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