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Bandcamp takes a very long time to play next track on mobile device

Discussion in 'Music' started by special k, Feb 11, 2016.
  1. Special K
    I'm not sure if this is an appropriate forum for this post, but since bandcamp doesn't have a help forum and a lot of members here find music on bandcamp, I thought I'd post this to see if anyone has any ideas.
    I find that whenever I stream music from the bandcamp website via my android phone, it takes a very long time (up to 2 minutes) to automatically advance to the next track.  If I turn the phone on while waiting for the next track to play, often the track that just completed will still show a second or two of time left on the seek bar even though it has already finished playing.  I can then force the next track to start by manually dragging the seek bar indicator all the way to the right.
    Does anyone else know why it takes so long for the next track to start automatically?  I notice my wifi indicator icon shows constant activity once one track finishes but before the next one begins.  That would suggest the website doesn't start downloading the next track until the previous one has completed AND doesn't start playing the track until it has fully downloaded.  Manually moving the seek bar slider seems to force the next track to start playing.
    This behavior occurs on firefox and chrome and when accessing both the mobile and desktop versions of bandcamp from my GS3.
    Does anyone else see this behavior?  Is there any way to prevent it?

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