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Mar 14, 2006
The oasis for indie music known as Bandcamp has probably become my favorite place for discovering and purchasing new music. Simply put, I feel BC is the best thing that has happened to music business since the Internet. Head-Fi has a registry for profiles, but not one for Bandcamp fan collections. This is something I feel must be amended and this thread now exists for that purpose. Feel free to post a link to your fan profile if you have one or simply just use this thread to browse other members' collections if you are more of a private person. For the time being I see no need to aggregate all the links into this first post, but if at some point the replies start spanning several pages I'll start doing so.
To start things off, below is the link to my Bandcamp collection. It's also listed in my signature, but I'm dropping it here just in case I at some point happen to remove it from my sig for one reason or another. I would ask other members to do the same and not just post a message saying the link is in your signature, because that might not be the case anymore two years from now. Also, please don't post links on other people's behalf. Let them know about this thread instead so they can do so themselves if they so choose.
Even though it is not the thread's primary function, Bandcamp related discussion is encouraged for it will help keep the thread alive. Share your latest discoveries, complement other people's collections… Most importantly, always keep spreading the love for BC.
I look forward to seeing what musical discoveries other Head-fiers have made.
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Aug 10, 2011
Forgive me for not finding this any sooner. So let's begin,
Here is my bandcamp profile →
I haven't made many purchases recently since I am currently saving money for a completely new editing workstation so I may continue editing video, photos, and composing music for film and video (something I've had a strong ambition for). I have put money aside for music and probably will tap into that soon as I am finding so much good music lately. So for now, I'll sparingly share here some of the material available on Bandcamp that I have been listening to.
For today, I'd like to share a Sludge/Doom metal act from the UK who call themselves Garganjua. After listening to a lot of bands within the Sludge/doom metal scene, I have to claim this sub-genre as one of my favorites within the Metal genre primary. The track entitled "Lazy Green" is perhaps the highlight in this EP for me.

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Jun 26, 2001
After just spending $200 on bandcamp, suppose it would be rude not to add my details...

Be warned though, I'm very much into female folk / acoustic based music - so, if that isn't your thing, stay away :)
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