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Balanced Cable, TRRS & RCA Beginner Questions.

  1. Sepidoel
    Hi all,

    I'm a novice in audio system and I have an Oppo PM-3 headphone for a few years aready. A friend of mine just gave me an article about balanced cable a few weeks ago and I'm very much interested in it since PM-3 supports balanced system using 3.5mm TRRS (4 poles, 4 conductors, 4 positions, or any other name) with the composition : Tip (L+), Ring (R+), Ring (L-), Sleeve (R-) (please correct me if it in the wrong order). But then I found balanced system really cost a lot, so I want to at least solder the cable myself.

    One thing I'm still confused is that while TRRS balanced cabling only have L+, R+, L-, and R- connections (without Ground connection) then why is RCA cabling that have the same connections not a balanced system? If I have a shielded cable can I just screw the shield on the amp's body and got it grounded even on RCA connection?

    Or maybe the main question is : is there any workaround to make RCA connection become a balanced system? Because real balance amp is usually very expensive.

    Thank you very much in advance.
  2. Sepidoel
    I forgot. What about car amplifier, can it be used in balanced audio system? I have 4-channels one unused and in my mind maybe I can use it channel 1&2 bridged as left channel and 3&4 bridged as the right channel to drive my PM-3 - still it feels too worrisome to try it out without consultation. In further thinking, is 4 channels car audio head unit be used to power balanced audio system?


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