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Balanced cable for hd 650

  1. ultramabi
  2. chef8489
    WHat are you going to use it with and what are you expecting to gain from it?
  3. cossix
    I went with Corpsecable because its the stock cable just re-terminated. Cant go wrong with simplicity! Running it on my Jot and i absolutely love it. Very high quality cable
  4. ultramabi
    So does that mean sound quality would be no difference between using these two cables?
  5. cossix
    It depends. Some people notice a difference between copper and silver cables. So in terms of the wire changing the sound a tiny bit, the Corpsecable will sound the same as the normal one. On the other hand, balanced cables are supposed to help with channel balance and separation.
    For me, the Jotunheim puts out much more power through the balanced headphone output so switching to balanced sounds much better. I've never tried to tell the difference between balanced and single ended with similar power outputs so I don't know if the difference I'm hearing is all because of the power difference or party due to the balanced nature of the amp
  6. chef8489
    Again what are you using to push it?First you need a dac that has dedicated balanced outputs that you can send to a balanced amp that has balanced headphone connector or you need a balanced headphone amp that has a balanced dac built in. Also what quality of music files are you using? How well can you diffenterate between 256k and flac files? How well can you differentiate between inexpensive headphones and mid range. First and foremost if you are already set up to run balanced out that in your stage that other then the power difference and loudness that no you would not be able to tell a difference if all things were matched on a double blind test where the volume was matched perfectly.
  7. buke9
    I don't think balanced adds a lot other than power and that makes you think it sounds better because it gets louder. I've volume matched my Liquid Carbon and I can't tell much of a difference between the two and also on balanced inputs from my dac either. I would go with the cheaper choice if it were me but it is your money. Since Sennheiser screwed up on the cable length on the first Massdrop pair I now have two cables so one is probably going to get cut and a balanced connector attached because I can and have a couple connectors on hand.

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