Bad T90 experience, need help for my next next step in hi-fi (HE-500 maybe?)
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Sep 9, 2014
Dear Head-fi members,
As a DT880 pro owner I recently tried to step up in the hifi world by buying a Beyerdynamic T90. I can say however this was not a very pleasant experience and certainly not what I was expecting. The treble in particular seems very problematic to me. It sounded very unnatural to me and seemed to drain out part of the mids and completely drained out the bass. What I do however appreciated was the better soundstage and the sound being much more clear. Knowing I won't be keeping the T90, I was wondering if there were any other headphones that I should consider that sound like the dt880 but offer much better clarity. Judging from reviews I think the he500/he560 might have the dt880 sound but more clear with a better soundstage. Another more pricer option would be the T1 but I really hated the T90 headband(not enough clamp) which should be the same as the one for the T1.

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