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Discussion in 'Archived Blogs' started by tvrboy, Apr 13, 2010.
  1. tvrboy
    Guess the last blog entry wasn't so much about headphones ... so now I'm likely to get re-hired for next year. If that is so, I will probably get a work setup so I can listen in the office. This year I haven't brought my cans into work because that might be perceived as showing off, especially when they cost double the monthly salary of my fellow teachers.

    So, what's the perfect work headphone? Obviously something closed. Something with a classy yet understated appearance. Denons perhaps? That seems to be an excellent choice. I prefer the matt black finish of the D2000 to wood cups. But the Denon is a little large - it would look strange at work. How about an Ultrasone PRO or HFI series? I don't like the plastic ear cups. It looks like a toy. Probably the ideal work headphone is the ESW9. It's nice and small, and looks nice too. The ESW10JPN is probably better, but I can't have anything that says "japan" in a Chinese office! And the titanium cups of the ES10 are just too showy.

    I'd be looking for an integrated amp/dac with a small desktop footprint to power this. I like the look of the Matrix Mini a lot. It almost looks like some of the Bel Canto product line. A Tianyun Zero would also work... does anybody know how big that is? Obviously a setup like this isn't very good. But work is not a place where I can focus on listening. It's more important to have a small, attractive setup that doesn't leak sound.
  2. hilldog
    have you tride the akg k480 nc my dad boute them for work
    when he travls i have trid them sound great and they are nc.
  3. Deep Funk

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