Back to basics...Grado-like earbuds
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Mar 31, 2008
Hi HF,

I'm looking for a pair of earbuds that have a similar sound sig to Grados. The cheaper the better and they won't be for critical listening, just on-the-go. I have a MS2 if it helps.

I found the old-ish thread below with a few suggestions for the Yuin PKs; still good suggestions today, or are there anything else?

Thanks for reading.
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I have not heard of the PK line, but the OK2 I have is very similar to the MS-1, but it definitely doesn't "ring" and resonate as nicely as the MS-1 when it comes to acoustic music. When I have the balls to open up my OK2 and remove the foams (for sh!ts and giggles) for a more "open" airy sound, I'll post the impressions.

I sincerely doubt any earbuds on the current market will trump the YUINs.
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Grado have an emphasis on higher frequency and midrange which gives it a "coloured" sound signature that is very musical. Try EQing the buds and see how close you can get them to sound Grado-y.
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Originally Posted by kostalex /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Yuin OK2 sounds most simillar to Grados - fast, punchy and aggressive, very nice for metal. PK2 sounds quite muddy in comparison and reminds me KSC-75, not Grado. OK1, PK1, Audio-Technica ATH-CM700 are not simillar to Grado at all.

No IEMs I listened are like Grado (CX300, Vibe, D-Jays, ER-6i, ER-6, ER-4P/S, SA6, E3, E4, E500, UM2, Studio.f 3, 5 EB).

kostalex is very knowledgable in YUIN earbuds, as most of the YUIN reviews are wrote by him.

I can vouch on the OK2. Though my MS-1 have punchier bass (don't worry, impact is still there). The mids and highs are not as "upfront" but similar. That's probably as close as you can get for earbuds.
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I can attest to PK2 having a Grado-like signature, being sparkly and punchy and all. Then again, the only Grado phone I've ever had was the SR60 so take it for what you will.

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