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Mar 4, 2009
I am looking for good recordings of Bach's organ music. Is there a good box set out there? Ive checked the forums and not a lot of info on Bach's organ recommendations.
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Yes, the box set of Bach organ works by Raven CD. I have it. I like it. It is played on generally smaller organs than some of the bombastic organ recordings (Telarc). Doesn't throw in a 32' pipe just because (and some of the organs recorded don't even have a 32' pipe). But I like it that way. It sounds like a pipe organ with true hall ambiance (no faked ambiance like Telarc). Kind of the opposite of a Telarc pipe organ recording.

If I had known you like pipe organ I could have let you listen to a sampler disc I burned and brought to the Seattle GTG. It is full of multiple versions of the Passacaglia and Fugue in C minor and the Toccata and Fugue by George Ritchie and Ton Koopman.

Pipe organ explains your love for the Denon, and mine as well.
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My favorite box set of Bach organ is Christopher Herrick on Hyperion. He plays Bach with life but not with bombast.
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There is a box set (6cds) by Brilliant Classics with Ton Koopman playing which is dirt cheap in Europe. Got mine for 6 pounds.

Could you check the notes in the box to find out when the recordings were recorded? I'm guessing that it is older material recorded in the 80s.

Ton Koopman has done many Bach organ recordings over a long period. The recordings from the 80s have a dated sound quality and recording style. The sound is a little dead and overly reverberant. Ton Koopman's newer recordings from the later 90s on Teldec sound better but unfortunately out of print so difficult to find. The Teldec recordings still aren't the best examples of organ recording, but better than the 80s versions.
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Thanks for the ideas, Ill look into them.

If I had known you like pipe organ I could have let you listen to a sampler disc I burned and brought to the Seattle GTG

Showing up late and then the presentation after that, I didnt get a lot of time to chat or try equipment. Maybe next time.

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