B&W P5 Modifications

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  1. Psy-Blade
    Oh my!! That (tight) bass!
    To anyone considering this, do it! As above the boomy bass on mine has tightened up significantly, and the highs are more defined too. Well worth it.
  2. Psy-Blade
    I just used the first pair I saw in the office to be fair, your standard, run-of-the-mill scissors. It helped a bit to press the pad on the desk and compress the sponge to make some initial cuts but it wasn't too hard at all. 
  3. Tamirci
    I modded today. Just pulled the sponges out save the short upper line of the rectangle. The result is just like I love after getting accustomed to armature based iems. Fast and puchy basses and high clarity.The only probable issue is vocals getting closer, almost in my face atm
    Lack of sponges did not have a negative effect on the comfort even though I am wearing glasses :)
  4. arnevf
    Noob question: cable on p5 goes only to right ear, so I think replacing cable only make right speaker sound better, since there is another stock cable from right ear to left ear. Am I right?
  5. michaelgordon
    Sorry to bump a really old thread but i just got a pair of P5s and not that impressed, out the box sounded just like all the reviews here muddy and not what i expected reading all the website reviews.  I checked the pads and they seem to be the newer version i have put some filler into the top, just some rolled up vet wrap i had and again seems a little better but again not what i expected.
    They are burning in and have been since Friday, 48 hours with noise and sweeps (i think) and they will have another 48 with music.  I did try after the first 48 hours and they sounded better but not as good as the CALs they are replacing. 
    Im hoping the extra hours burn will help as i really want to like these.
    Im also looking at cables and can see two available for a relatively low price, the black sheep from custom cable already discussed and this one.  I know knothing about cabling is this better / any good at all?
  6. paulkemp
    HI! I have the cable with iPod remote, and unfortunately I have run over that cable with my office chair and destroyed the "remote" part of that cable. Where can I get a close to original cable as possible? It does not have to be original, but a high quality cable to suite the cans. Thanks! 
    edit: wow what a bump! Return to the threads of the living! 
    edit2: the cable in question can be bought here for around 17£
  7. delSol
    SLIGHTLY off- topic.....but....
    I just bought a used pair of B&W P5, Series2..........with the new, completely redesigned drivers.
    The SQ, when playing lossless files, through a Fiio E17 headphone amp/DAC............is FABULOUS!
    A definite audible improvement over my Senn HD 598's......for the gendre of music I listen to (blues).
    I feel that this is an important consideration. The "best" phones for a (say) classical listener, are probably NOT "the best" for (say) a rock listener.
    Cheers, del Sol
  8. Thraex

    So how's the P5 sound now?
    They're my best portable headphones, but at the beginning I hated them exactly like you, unimpressed at the point I was asking myself how B&W could sell this crap!
    Don't mess filling pads the first days, they need to memorize your ear shape, just let them play a lot, and maybe later do the mod only if bass is too boomy.
    My last pair of pads were OK from start and don't need any mod. I believe B&W made its own mod in the meantime.
  9. sgthien
    Hi everyone,
    sorry for digging this post up. Last year i bought a second hand P5 (still sounded good and looked new). Lately its left ear (where the cable comes in) have ceased to sound. I have tried may ways and got the results below; I'll name everything i noticed, since I'm not a professional, somethings might be not relevant:
    - I tried to switch cable, it still didn't work. I even checked if the cables were broken with my multimeter, the cables were in good condition.
    - I plugged it to the phone port on my mixer (with which I can send in very strong signal and pan completely on the left side). I did so, of course I was very cautious, i put the volume knob (initially at minimum) to maximum and muted it immediately after. After a few tries, the left earpiece began to sound normally. However, as i wore the headphones on my head, the left piece was mysteriously muted again. I tried this way several times, this kept happening.
    - I first removed the ear pad of the left piece, then conducted the same experiment as above. It functioned very stably. It only became muted after i put on its ear pad. More precisely, it still sounded after i put on the ear pad, but once i wore it, it was muted again. I did several more times and found out, it would only be muted (after being enabled by sending in very strong signal through my mixer, like described in the section above) if the ear pad is on and is pressed. I thought that this must be due to the interaction between the MAGNETS inside the piece as well as on the ear pad (those are used to attach the earpad to the speaker, not that what belongs to driver), but as i put strong neodym magnets on the ear, they didn't affect.
    - According to the result mentioned above, I thought it should work fine if i separate the ear pad a bit from the ear piece. I used a very thin magnetically-conductive (prob. conventional iron) metal leaf, folded it 2 times with total thickness about 0.8mm and inserted it between the pad and piece at the position of their magnets. The piece now work perfectly stably.
    This were my attempts. Though I'm fine with this for now and the sound quality is not affected, that small distance makes the left piece sounds noticeably quieter than the right one (can fix through cutting the foam a bit off so the ear pad become thinner) and more important, I can't know if and when this problem will occur again. Like i mentioned it's second hand, i can receive no guaranty. Can you guys guess what can be the cause? thank you so much :D
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