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Awesome bargain headphone alert!!

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by iron_dreamer, Aug 6, 2005.
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  1. nabwong

    Originally Posted by fureshi
    that metal headband looks like it'd easily rip all of your hair out after a few uses. or am i just being paranoid? [​IMG]

    No it wont.....just set it to the MAX and let it slide smaller. If you do the opposite, then i can't help you.
  2. beatones
    I also am a big fan of these. my only real experience (in portables) before these were the px200, and I preferred the k26p right away. they have as much detail as the px200 but present with a darker tone - they are most certainly "groovy". My only nitpick was a certain lack of separation of frequencies - or put differently, a bit of bunching/congestion in the midrange. I recently started listening to these with a meta42 I picked up here used (class A biased, stacked buffers, AD8620 amp), and the bunching/congestion has been significantly reduced, with more separation in the delivery. the portable amp has also noticeably tightened up the bottom end. basically - i see a real benefit from using them with this amp (may not work well with a "darker" amp). What I am now really curious to try is adding some resistance - e.g., Xin's 75 ohm adapter. Anyone guess whether these cans would benefit from from the resistor/adapter?
  3. EvanK
    Thanks for the tip. I've been looking for something nice that I can run while walking, and I think I'll pick up a set of these as soon as I can!

  4. bangraman Contributor
    I've sorted my order out, should be here within the next week. It's probably because I'll use these far more often if I like them, but would you believe I'm looking forward to these more than the HE90? Because I am. I've been hunting for a better PX200 replacement for a looooong time.
  5. noorudeenshakur

    Originally Posted by rsaavedra
    Thanks for the tip Iron. I now notice these AKG headphones are also highly regarded (5 full bars) at Headroom's website:

    Yeah but the website also says the porta pros still beat them out I took the following quote off the line up of top 10 heaphones from that site. I'ma porta pro fan myself, but I cant say I have heard either of the others they are up against so I cant tell you.

    "Our favorite inexpensive general purpose headphone is the AKG K26P. It sounds good, folds up to easily tuck away in it’s pouch, and it’s sealed to shut you away from outside noise. For a little better sound, but without the seal have a look at the Koss Porta Pro or the almost as good sounding, but way better looking, Sennheiser PX100."
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