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Audirvana V3

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by gonzbull, Mar 9, 2017.
  1. Gonzbull
    So Audirvana V3 was released today with MQA capabilities. I don't have a MQA capable DAC but am a Tidal Hi-Fi subscriber so this is great news.
  2. Brahmsian
    I listened to Tidal Masters on Audirvana for the first time last night. Holy ___! WOW my headphones just became ALIVE!
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  3. Gonzbull
    Audirvana is to me the best sounding of the players so far. The integrated Tidal feature is awesome too.
    I've got mostly Flac files in my library and a few DSD albums and it just sounds fantastic.
    Tidal Masters/MQA works flawlessly with A+ too.
    I do wish the UI was a bit better and the library management works great for me but others have had a bit of strife.
    All in all a great piece of software considering the price and the involvement of the developer in forums taking advice from customers and offering support.
  4. Brahmsian
    The sound is amazing but yeah I don't much like the UI either. Also, what is up with this?
    I listen to a lot of classical music where tracks have long titles and I'm only getting truncated versions. I tried hovering over them like in iTunes but nothing.
  5. winders
    You make the column wider by clicking and dragging the separator on the right of the column....
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  6. Brahmsian
    Ha! It worked. Thanks!

    I'm also experiencing another problem. Not only are track numbers repeated on some albums but the music (in this case, the two violin concertos) are jumbled up.

    Last edited: May 14, 2017
  7. Brahmsian
    For the record, it isn't an Audirvana but a Tidal problem. After encountering it several times, I checked the Tidal app and found the following mess. The Elgar and Delius quartets are all jumbled up:

    Last edited: May 19, 2017
  8. axle_69
    Impressions regarding 3.0.6 with Yggdrasil?
    Tried yesterday and didn't like it, with 2.6.6 the sound seemed more focused, more noticeable with strings and piano. Went back to the previous version.
    With the Mojo v3 seemed slightly better though, soundstage seemed a bit wider.
  9. thasneakershop
    to me it sounds the same
  10. winders
    I thought 3.0.x sounded better....

    So now we have all possibilities covered!!
  11. Peter Hyatt

    Should a full page like the above with Tidal, come up for iTunes? All I get is the small "player" but nothing else. Thanks!
    Last edited: Mar 28, 2019
  12. Brahmsian
    I believe I took that screenshot from the Tidal app not from Audirvana. By the way, I have encountered several other albums with tracks all jumbled up like that. Tidal needs to get on the ball.
  13. Peter Hyatt
    Is anyone using the Audirvana upsample to DSD feature?

    I have now lots of FLAC and some DSD files, too, and wonder if others have found this beneficiary. The Chord Hugo 2 is recognizing the upsampling as DSD.

    I am impressed with Audirvana. Thanks.
  14. TimeSnow
    Another vote for Audirvana + Tidal.

    Really seems to sound better than the Tidal app... That seems like it may be confirmation bias, lol, but either way I'm loving it!
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  15. Sage Encore
    Hi Sir,
    How do we do that? Can you show me how as I am new to Audirvana and am not sure how to use this feature, my DAC is Qutest by the way.

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