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Audioquest Dragonfly Red troubleshooting

  1. Graemespicer
    Hello! After having owned and loved a DF 1.2, I recently bought a DF Red. Unfortunately, I can't get it to work. I have it connected through a Jitterbug to an Apple CCK (latest version with power connection), and then to my Shiit headphone amp driving Sennheiser 800 headphones.

    The DF Red flashes red. I can't find any reference to this error signal anywhere in AQ documentation, or online. Any suggestions???

  2. Graemespicer
  3. Dulalala
    Hi! Unfortunately I don't know the solution to your problems but have you tried contacting AQ?
  4. RyanG22
    I know this is an old thread, but I've got a DF Red that's < 2 years old that is now giving me this "Flashing Red" problem since today. I'm going to assume it's faulty, as I generally get the same issue on all machines I try it on, although sometimes it might get detected by Windows, others not. Even if detected, it doesn't usually work.

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