Audio46 Product Tour - SIVGA SV023 Open-Back Over-Ear Headphones
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Sponsor: Audio46
May 19, 2016
29 West 46 Street, New York NY 10036

Hello again Audiophiles,

Audio46 is back to do a tour, and this time it's for the SIVGA SV023 Open-Back Over-Ear Headphones (retailing at $449).

Product Tour Program Rules:
  1. Our Product Tour programs are only available to USA residents. We are restricted from shipping outside the USA.
  2. Sign up using our Tour Sheet. Up to 5 eligible reviewers will be selected. We'll contact and announce them soon after sign ups end on July 8, 2022 (extended date).
  3. If you are selected, you will get the product for one week (7 days) to use in your home with your devices.
  4. After your one week is up, you must safely pack up the unit and send it to the next participant. We will supply the shipping label.
  5. You must write a review and post it on this thread--our announcement for the Product Tour. Please post it here before you post it anywhere else. The review must be posted within 30 days after your demo period is up.
Tour Participants List:

[Email correspondence will be through You may need to add us to your contact list to avoid our responses landing in your spam box.]
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Audio46 Audio46 is the destination store in NYC to demo and buy headphone products. Stay updated on Audio46 at their sponsor profile on Head-Fi.

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