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Audio-Technica updates CKR series: ATH-CKR100, ATH-CKR90, ATH-CKR70

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  1. lalala6
    Audio-Technica announced new IEMs in the CKR series: the ATH-CKR100, ATH-CKR90 and ATH-CKR70.
    Description (via Google Translate):
    Description (via Google Translate):
    Description (via Google Translate):
    All three models have been released in Japan. No word on global availability yet, but imported sets should start appearing on Amazon and Ebay soon.
    Useful links:
    ATH-CKR100 product page (Japanese)
    ATH-CKR90 product page (Japanese)
    ATH-CKR70 product page (Japanese)
    ATH-CKR100 review (Japanese)
    ATH-CKR90 review (Japanese)
    ATH-CKR100/90/70 AVWatch review (Japanese)
  2. PaperMatter
    Can't wait to give these a go. The CKR line of iems are some of the best iems I've heard and getting a detachable cable with a more conventional design is a welcome change. Eagerly waiting to see what tweaks they made to the dual phase push pull technology. It's some of the best bass response I've heard in an iem.
  3. pedronet
    I'm skeptical about the CKR90, wondering why did they use different sizes on each driver. Since it's a push pull design they depend on one another and different sizes could alter the balance between them. Maybe it's exactly what they want, i don't know, but i'm curious. [​IMG]
  4. lalala6

    Yeah, I had the same thought as well. I hope this doesn't mean they're gimping the CKR90's sound in order to make the CKR100 look better. A direct upgrade to the CKR9 sound would be great! :)
  5. lalala6

    Definitely agree that the push pull technology creates some of the best bass response in an iem (as proven by the CKR9/LTD/10 and E40). I'm excited to see how AT will further improve this driver technology! :D
  6. pedronet
    And finally some detachable cables!

    Another thing tha puzzles me is why such a low impedance?  i just don't get it. When the e40 was launched i asked myself the same. I'm a proud owner of the im50, but i must admit that a little more impedance couldn't hurt [​IMG] there must be a reason though i'm just too noob to know it. Anyway if these sound so great as the ckr9/ltd/10 do, the impedance is the least of my concerns [​IMG]
  7. lalala6

    Probably because the drivers are efficient and don't need that much power to sound good. Raising the impedance would needlessly decrease the sensitivity, limiting the number of sources you can use with it. Just a guess...
  8. pedronet

    Yes but won't lowering the impedance also limit the number of sources because of the background noise? This way we have to use a source that as a low output impedance as well.

    What i heard, and correct me if I'm wrong :p, is that we should use the 1/8th rule (the output impedance of the player should be less than 1/8th of the iem impedance so they can sound good).

    That would mean that for the ckr90 i would have to use a source with less than 1.5ohm. My fiio x1 for example has an output impedance of <2ohm.

    This wouldn't be a problem for me because personally i think it's not so much of a difference but for some it can be a bother. Although it shouldn't be something that would stop you from buying these :D.
    Just my two cents of course :)
  9. musicday
  10. lalala6
    Well, considering that most respectable DAPs nowadays have output impedance of <1 ohms and low noisefloor, I'd say there's nothing to worry about. And since they are dynamic drivers, the impedance swing won't be as bad as BA drivers so a little higher output impedance shouldn't have much of an effect on the sound. My CKR9LTD with an impedance of 12 ohms sounded wonderful with the Fiio X1, too. [​IMG]
    pedronet likes this.
  11. pedronet
    Yeah you're right [​IMG] i didn't take into consideration the highly variation of impedance on BAs vs the stable one on dynamic drivers.
  12. Sp12er3
    Looking forward for impressions on these :)
  13. riposte
    Too bad JPY - IDR is ****ed up [​IMG] I hope local distributor can bring CKR100-90-70 with really competitive price (compared to JVC or Sony). But I'm sure they can, I think because the pricing of E40, E70, CKS1100, WS1100, and MSR7 are really good. Since MSR7 available in Indonesia, they can sell it with 1 JPY = almost 100 IDR, and still stable after over 1 year
  14. seanwee
  15. stenog
    Subbed too:) ckr9 with less shrap treble? But same quality bass:)
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