Audio-Technica IEM recommendations needed
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Jun 9, 2013
I've been a long time lurker on Head-Fi.  Based on the recommendations I read all those years ago, I bought my first "real" headphones: Audio-Technica EM7s.  They did what they did quite well, however these days I find the clip-on design does not provide enough stability and offers no isolation, thus the quest for a new set of earphones!  A few things to note I suppose:
-Ideally I'd like to keep the AT EM7 sound profile.  For any flaws it might have, I've been listening to it for years now, and have come to rather enjoy it.
-That being said, I listen to everything, but a lot of my playlist is classical, rock, and instrumental.  Jazz and lounge come in second.  I realize that's a wide range, but I have broad interests.
-Having at one time or other used Koss KSC75s, Sony MDR-V6s, and a smattering of other phones, I've come to the conclusion I don't need heavy bass.  Clear sound is more important.
-Has to be usable without an amp.  Half of the times my EM7s are plugged into a bluetooth receiver, the other half they're being plugged into a Galaxy S3.
-Budget of no more than $100, shipping and tax included.
I've looked at a few IEM discussions, such as the CKM500, CKN70, CKS77... however all of these phones seem to be targeted towards improving upon bass and pop music listening experience, and don't do well with rock and classical.  Does anybody have any recommendations on what other Audio Technica IEMs I could look at?

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