Audio-Technica ATH-R70x - In-Depth Review & Impressions
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A recent HD800 purchase has me putting these up for sale unfortunately. Not because by performance either but just what I can get back out of it. The K612 won't make as much of a dent, the HE560 are still keepers IMO, and I think I will enjoy HD800 for some time leaving the R70X most vulnerable. I will miss it and if I end up selling the HD800 may regret it.. head-fi problems.
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  My new DYI balanced cable for these babies :)
These are worth try in balanced .. sounds imo much better then in SE mode.

Nice job on the cable, looks good twisted.
Do you have any recommendations of where to purchase the 2.5mm twist lock stereo TRS connectors for use in building a custom cable?
I was thinking of trying the ones linked by earfonia, as well as seen below, but I wasn't sure as a few mentioned that they did not fit entirely right... don't know, maybe they were from just a bad batch. but have others had success?
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Effusion: Getting good plugs can by difficult.. :frowning2:
I bought exactly these from lunashops you are posting.
And there was a problem. Once I started soldering l damaged the plastic screw thread. 
I was using low temperatures and soldered quickly but even with this it got distorted by heat..
Then as a result I could not screw the cover and could not therefore use the whole plug.. I think that it is a problem of poor design/material of these plugs.
On the other side..
I bought also the cable which they sell for ATH R70X
Due to some reason there was sound only from one side of headphones, so I decided to take these plugs from the cable and use it for my new cable. I appreciate on these that it is completely from metal, also inside!! So soldering was much easier and safer.
Bad news is that this one is not sold separately :frowning2:
At this moment I am in email discussion with lunashops whether They could sell these metal plugs separately. If you could ask them too.. well.. there is higher chance we can get these.. Maybe?

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Looks like I found the plug!!
There is no locking mechanism but it was not a problem so far..
I am ordering and let you know..
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I'm also selling my R70x, ad is here:
Btw, Tyll @ InnerFidelity measured the R70x recently, the graphs are pretty interesting:
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I won't call it neutral. It is more like natural sounding.
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Just running it out of my qp1r and my laptop, it sounds quite good. But I feel it needs just that bit more of treble. Will be modding a twag v3 for it soon.

Also, I kinda feel it sounds good both open and closed. Putting my hand against the grilles and covering them as best I can concentrates the details and I like that. Perhaps it can benefit from a alternating removable closed back system like that of the custom made 3D printed cups to mod Phillips shp9500 as seen on Z review's YouTube channel
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  If anyone is interested, I have this Hifiman Crystalline Cable that came with the HE560 modified to fit the R70X headphones. It's 6.6ft long. PM me for details

Aftermarket 6.5ft cable for sale, originally HE560 Crystalline cable modded professionally. $lessthan100 (PM for actual price)
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Not to hijack the OP's review, but I finally finished up my own full-length review of the R70x:
If there are any questions just post 'em here, please don't send any PMs.
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Can you post a picture? Cheers!

It's got this 6 ft. OCC cable - - also these pads - After a long burn in the cable improves their sound in every way. The pads don't change the sound overall but the mid bass bump seems a bit flatter as the sub bass seems to extend a tiny bit lower. They fit very different with those so I had to gently & carefully bend the headband. The pads are more comfortable and spacious than the stock, easy to clean and durable. It takes a bit of stretching then they'll work. But be careful with foam under ear pads on the drivers when changing them. It isn't 100% glued on and will eventually need to be taken off, or also replaced.

That light density foam ring (probably to tame their midrange reflections) does work well, but in a few years all such foams, the lower the density especially, will break down. It will literally turn to powder. Probably not good around a set of driver holes. That will be my final quest, as I'll have years to do it. To think of more permanent damping material to put on in its place. Now or when that breaks down (before it flakes and gets into the nearby driver). You'll see in the closeup where I'd cut the plastic wings off right down to the round nub in the headband. Keep that nub in, don't unscrew and remove it. Use good wire cutters. This is only if the wings are too small fully extended. Most do not need it.


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