Audio Technica A500 + Panasonic SL-230 CD player: What should I upgrade?
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Mar 29, 2003
Hi Guys,

Just wanted to chime in and get some suggestions. I have my Audio Technica ATH-A500's that I love. I always used them with my Marantz CD player, but by chance realized that my really old Panasonic CD player actually sounds really good. The only thing is that some vocals sound a bit grainy at times. I would like to do a simple upgrade to improve smoothness on my music. I'd like to improve on the female voices

What simple upgrade should I take?
1) Should I replace my Panasonic S230 pcdp with a more popular choice like SX500 or CT470? Compared to my current Panny, would that improve smoothness?

2) Should I upgrade to the A900 (are they smoother sounding)? But that would require an amp to really make them shine, correct?

3) Add an amp in between my Panny and A500s. Any small amp that doesn't get in the way? (around $100-150)

I did like the smoothness of the Sennheisers I owned for a bit, but they had no bass. I really like the A500 (it was a gift), but I'd like them to play vocals a bit more smooth.

Please, I'd just like a simple upgrade, not really change out for a whole new system. Thanks guys.

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