Audio routing and in/out selector unit
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Jun 28, 2015
Hi ! I have multiple sources and multiple headphones/speakers. Can anyone suggest
1. Budget preamp to control speaker volume
2. Budget Input selector
3. Budget output selector

I just want to keep the line out and amp outs seperate. Any help ?
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Im a poor audiophile going to college in a third world country thats a out to sink. As cheap as i can get away with. Not willing to spend over 50 bucks on everything.

Picked out rca cables for around 8+9 dollars on amazon, kabledirect and blye riggers i think. Can you help with the rest ?
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There are cheap plastic switch boxes on Amazon. I have no idea which ones work well or not. Sorry.

This volume controller is good for the money:
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I use 2 of these, one for selecting inputs and one for outputs (just hook it up backwards).  I don't claim to have golden ears, but it sounds fine to me.

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