Audio-GD NFB 11 issues. Need help
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Dec 30, 2016
I'm attempting to use NFB 11 as a DAC for both my computer and my old Sony SACD player.

Preamp out from the NFB 11 is going to my Integrated which is controlling the volume.

The Sony via a Digital Coax is feeding into NFB 11 and it sounds great.

However, I can't get the USB audio to work anymore. It used to work fine when I had a simple setup and just used the NFB 11 for headphones with my PC, but now I'm getting driver errors even after uninstalling and reinstalling the Audio-GD drivers on my Windows 10 Laptop. It won't complete the install process before getting errors.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?


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I tried two different cables including the one it shipped with. When I look at devices on the laptop, it shows that the drivers did not install properly. I emailed Audio GD so we will see if they can just send me an updated driver file I can download.
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I've had issues with my NFB11.28 where it actually didn't work well with some USB ports.
Plugging it into another port fixed the problem.
However, you might not have this luxury on a laptop where USB ports are usually limited.
If you have multiple ports, it's worth a try.
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Did you have the NFB plugged into USB when you installed the drivers? This always trips me up when I upgrade my PC. Can you check if there's proper function from coax or optical using another device?
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I thought I read that you shouldn't have it plugged in when you download the drivers. Is that correct? I believe that is how I did it, but will try with it plugged in as well.

No response from Audio-GD yet.
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I also found a nice Marantz HD-DAC1 that was a lightly used Demo on EBay at a really good price that I'm going to try and will probably put the NFB-11 up for sale to help pay for it.

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