Audio-GD Master 7 with HDMI I2S input (for Offramp)
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Nov 9, 2002
Hi Folks.  Have any of you used a Master 7 DAC with Kingwa's new input kit for the Offramp 5 (using HDMI I2S out)?  I've been in communication with Kingwa and this is what he says about it:
Master 7 customers asked us change the I2S input define to suite the OR5.
Now we have the HDMI input kit can custom order in the Master 7 replace the RJ45 for I2S input.
But we have not got the feedback from users applied the HDMI connect between them.
Can you ask in the headfi see if any users have the experiences on the HDMI connect?
The RJ45 is definely can connect to OR5.
So - has anyone tried this, and how does it work?
Thanks, Peter

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