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Audeze LCD-X with aftermarket cables

  1. kylev
    Audeze LCD-X with Aftermarket Cables


    So I got this pair of amazing headphones as I have been saving some money to get one for quite some time.
    I like Audeze house sound which is fun, however coming from HD800s background I prefer bit brighter headphone than usual Audeze such as LCD-2 or LCD-3, hence chosen this LCD-X instead.

    My friend let me borrowed his Effect Audio Ares 2+ pure copper 22 awg cable to pair with it. It was overall warmer sounding, the vocal becomes more lush and the bass has good textured. However, one thing that I don’t really like with this pair is that somehow the overall presentation becomes bit laid back, hence started my journey to look for other cables to pair with this LCD-X.

    Before I go to into details, let me share bit more about my setup.

    Source: Desktop Mac, Tidal Lossless (streaming), USB connection to Gumby (Gungnir Multibit).
    Amplification: Auralic Taurus MKII - balanced input from Gumby and balanced output to LCD-X
    Power setup: Pure Copper - mentioned this as it makes overall setup bit warmer compare to basic or stock cable.

    • Moon Audio Silver Dragon
    Pairing with this cable immediately opens up and brightens the overall sound signature compare to Ares cable earlier, better clarity and better instrument separations. The micro details are well presented which makes it very close to HD800s details. The downside with this pair is that all details are revealed, hence bad source file will not make it enjoyable. As it is becoming more analytical, hence long term listening session might cause bit of fatigue.

    • Moon Audio Blue Dragon
    As the Silver Dragon makes it bit fatigue for long term listening, hence I was thinking to get copper cable.
    I got Blue Dragon which is pure copper. This cable tone down the brightness a bit as I experienced from Silver dragon, and overall makes it bit warmer, the bass also has bit more impact. However, surprisingly, this cable doesn’t present the sound laid back. Hmm, I was thinking this should be the pair I am looking for. However, this cable I find still quite bright to my taste, and the soundstage is still a bit compressed. I believe this pair is good for entry level upgrade cable for those who wants to enjoy Audeze’s bass without making it sound laid back. It also doesn’t cause as much fatigue compare to silver dragon.

    • PlusSound Echo+
    I was bit skeptical and contemplating whether I should get SPC (Silver Plated Copper) for upgrade cable, as I always heard people opinions to recommend either pure copper or pure silver for aftermarket cable.
    Luckily, I just made up my mind and got it. And I was really in for a surprise!. This is a UPOCC Type 6 LITZ with 7-core dampening. Bit thicker than previous 2 cables, probably because of the sleeving, but I really like the braiding it is nicely done. Putting this pair on really makes me appreciate LCD-X more. This is the sound signature that I am looking for! The first thing I noticed with this pair is the big and enveloping soundstage, it is no longer compressed! It is more airy than Blue Dragon, instrument separations are clearly defined. Bass is well presented, but it doesn’t have the same depth as Blue dragon cable. Mids is sweet, highs are not sharp and much more enjoyable. Details are very good, it doesn’t present as much details (or analytical) as Silver Dragon, however it is really good for long term listening. Putting on the ZMF Pilot Pad on its headband makes the whole experience is much more enjoyable and almost forget that I am wearing one of the heaviest headphone on my head after hours of usage :)

    • Cardas Clear Cable
    Okay, I know, I know this is no longer medium priced cable, it costs a lot more than average upgrade cable, but it is really worth it to share my impressions compare to other cables above and if you have extra budget go for it!
    When putting this pair on, all the good aspects from PlusSound Echo+ are presented in this cable - enjoyable listening, soundstage, airy, instrument separations, details plus improving the bass to the next level. The bass now has much more body and impactful. Whatever music you throw on it, it will really sing and you will really enjoy it.
    Do note that the micro details will be slightly lesser compare to Silver Dragon as it is not very analytical, otherwise it won’t be that enjoyable.

    At the end of the day, we have 2 choices at hand - either you want to do sound analysis for studio purpose or more for pure enjoyment.
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2017
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  2. Viper Necklampy
    Wonderful explanation.. I was thinking in full silver when i'll have LCD X next months, hope it will sound really nice :)

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