Audeze LCD-2 cable tearing up. Audeze CS is a joke
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Aug 30, 2008
Has anyone else had issues with the cable sleeve breaking apart on the Audeze LCD headphones? I bought my Audeze LCD-2 Classics brand new a couple of months ago and despite careful use, one of the cable sleeves has began to tear apart. They work just fine, but I'm not utterly happy about this when the headphones do cost some amount of money. I contacted my reseller who has been in contact with Audeze. They can send me a new cable, but only if I cut the cable in half and send them a picture of it cut in two pieces.

Now, I have no issues cutting the cable. The issue is that by doing so... I won't be able to use my headphones until I get the replacement cable. Which is sent from US to Germany and finally to me in Sweden. During these times, with Covid-19 and all it might take a month or two if I'm lucky.

I've only heard good things about Audeze's customer service, but this is just terrible. Had plans on stepping up to the LCD-3's in some time but I might go for another brand due to this horrible customer service they are offering. And for what? Misbelief that I might sell a broken cable?

Perhaps some might think this is no biggie. But for $960 USD it is. That is what they are charging for these in europe.


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I bought the LCD-2F years ago, and as soon as I took them out of the box, I realized their cable was a joke. I had Chris at make me nice cable. Very tough. Note: I don't buy into cable sound, but I wanted a nice, strong cable.
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I have 2 of those cables one is about 7 months old the other 11 months. No issues yet. I would just order a decent replacement cable if you have to destroy a working cable in order to have a defect replaced lol. You don't have to spend big money and used is always an option. You can get something you really like that's more durable for half what they charge for the stock cable. Plus if it continues to work without issue you have 2 cables. always good to have a backup.

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