Audeze Customer Service????
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Aug 3, 2010
My LCD2 has a driver that recently died. I opened it up and it appears there is a rip in the planar membrane.

I called and emailed Audeze a month ago and the only response was that they received my email and not to email further as that would set me back for a response.

Does anyone know how long Audeze takes to respond? I know I emailed over the holiday season, but it still seems a long wait.

I appreciate any feedback!
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No, that's not normal with Audeze. I just dealt with them, and their response time (and general customer service) was excellent. I actually received a response within minutes.

I'd follow up with them if I were you. Your email likely got lost in the shuffle for some reason (holidays?). Maybe submit a request via the link provided by moriez above while simultaneously sending an email.

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