Atlanta Headphone Meet by A-VCOA 5/7/2017

  1. tomb
    I'll start with some pics!

    The Audio-Video Club Of Atlanta sponsored a headphone meet on Sunday, May 7, 2017 at the Dunwoody Driving Club. A fun time and great headphone listening was had by all!

    20170507_142145.jpg 20170507_142206.jpg 20170507_142215.jpg 20170507_142220_001.jpg 20170507_142237.jpg 20170507_142246.jpg 20170507_142255_001.jpg 20170507_142320_001.jpg 20170507_142340_001.jpg 20170507_142355.jpg 20170507_142410_001.jpg 20170507_142414_001.jpg 20170507_142522.jpg 20170507_142548.jpg 20170507_142554_001.jpg
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  2. Whitigir
    Wow! I would love those tennis rounds and then jump in that pool lol! Then relax with my favorite music on my preferred setup! Awesome pictures and awesome event
  3. purk Contributor
    Great pics Tom!

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