ATH M50X vs ATH ANC9 vs Recommendations
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May 24, 2015
Dear Head-Fi, 
I have been looking at the M50X and ANC9 headphones (both by Audio Technica) as I plan on purchasing a new set of cans as my old headphones have recently died on me. 
As background, I do a lot of travelling by bus, and my office can be quite noisy, but I would like a set of headphones that give me a great 'full' sound. My budget is between $200-$300, and I would preferably like something that is comfortable to wear, can block out the sound of a bus (if by noise isolation or active noise cancelling), and of course sounds good. 
When I took a loo at the M50X BL's I found that these were the better looking of the two headphones (although that won't be my deciding factor), their sound was great and the comfortability was to die for, but I just wasn't sure how they would compete with the sound of a bus.
So my other option was the ANC9, which I thought had decent sound (although not as full as the M50X), but they had the feature of noise cancellation which I feel would really work. 
I suppose my biggest question is are there any other recommended headphones that have a good method of blocking out sound, or if the M50X will do the job.
Thanks Guys.

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