ATH-M50 vs Denon AHD1001
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I would check that out if i were you. I bought some m50's the other day, these are second hand (implying the clamping strength could be potentially less then that of a new pair) and these clamp around my ears fairly tight, certainly far from slipping from 'nodding'.
I can shake my head fairly strongly and they might shift 10mm or so.
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d1001 feels very awkward when worn around the ear. from my memory i tried both ways and the supra-aural way of wearing produced a more natural sound. so i vote that they are supra-aural.

gonna confirm this when i had the chance to try them again.
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Originally Posted by aragornmustdie /img/forum/go_quote.gif
d1001 feels very awkward when worn around the ear. from my memory i tried both ways and the supra-aural way of wearing produced a more natural sound. so i vote that they are supra-aural.

gonna confirm this when i had the chance to try them again.

There is no "supra-aural" way of wearing them, unless you push them so far forward or backward that the "cup seal" is sitting on your ear. In that case, you could make any headset "supra-aural". Just push them until part of the padding is on your ear. Supra-aural headphones generally mean that the entire pad sits on your ear. This is just not the case with the D1001 unless you have really really large ears. This isn't from memory, this is from having the headphone in front of me, right now, looking at it.

The denon box they came shipped in refers to them as circum-aural as well.
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My D1001 fit over my ears (circum-aural). The M50 seems to have longer/taller cup opening than the D1001. Both look about the same width. The ear pads on the M50 are wider. The D1001 headphones are lighter and easily more comfortable for me. My M50 do have a slight clamp to them even though they have been stretched out pretty good by now.

Both are very good. The D1001 sound "smaller" to me. I wouldn't say tinny. They just don't have the "Big" sound of the M50. The main thing I notice about the M50 is the amount of deep bass compared to the D1001.
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Originally Posted by nullstring /img/forum/go_quote.gif
so, the ATH-M50's are thicker and bassier?

IMHO yes. The bass seems stronger on the M50s. Maybe the bass on my D1001 is more controlled since they were recabled.

I still haven't completed decided which I like better. Been listening to the M50s more. I just keep coming back to them.
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Sounds like it's too close to call.

Which ones are more comfortable? It's hard to beat the D1001's comfort.
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Originally Posted by fjrabon /img/forum/go_quote.gif
This is factually inaccurate, the D1001's completely cover my ears and I have medium/large ears... Please don't say things like this, that are complete factual assertions when you really don't know what you are talking about.

If you read the many reviews of the D1001's you will see that many owners say that they do not cover their ears like most circumaural disigns. I'm sorry that I didn't check with you first before I posted
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Have a pair of denons next to me, very comfy, SQ is great, epically after a recable witch works wonders on the base. Haven't had the M50's though, but with my medium easrs I can tell you they cover the whole ear.
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There's no way the D1001 would be circumaural for everyone. FWIR, the Creative Aurvana Live! is practically the same size, and I have to tuck my ears inside the ear pads. Those with attached ear lobes would be more likely to have the ear pads resting on them. Regardless, the clamping force of these headphones can be adjusted and thereby made comfortable.

FWIR, the M50 should be the better choice in a noisier environment if wanting to block out some of it. The CAL! and FWIR the D1001 are relatively poor at blocking external noise.

I used and modded the S150. It is supraural and does not block much external noise. I quickly gave mine away without regret.
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I got the AHD1001 last April, mostly to use in the bedroom, connected to Squeezebox via coax to Cobra D10. I've been really happy with them. Nice bass, light and so comfortable I can forget I'm wearing them, blocks out enough ambient noise that I don't realize if my wife is trying to talk to me. They did feel a bit delicate to travel with, but that's not what I got them for.

At work we're moving to a different floor and I saw what the work spaces will look like. They're more open, and I may no longer be able to use my Harman/Kardon desktop speakers as much. So I ordered the ATH-M50 for the exact same price as the Denon. First impression is that they are very heavy and sturdy, definitely more professional studio quality. They fold up unlike the Denon and are definitely more suited for travel. They have a protective spring by the plug, and the first half of the cord is coiled, which is good for avoiding getting it tangled in chair wheels and such.

Putting them on, they feel like a vice grip. Definitely not nearly as comfortable as the Denon. They do block out more ambient sound also, which is nice for blocking out the yammering around me, but bad when someone wants to talk to me as I get startled when I don't realize someone is there (I need a rearview trucker mirror!). First impression is the bass is even richer, but I don't have anything more specific until I A/B.

I'm concerned about the overly snug fit. Right now I'm using the box they came with to try to stretch them out. If it doesn't improve, I might switch them with the bedroom set, as I usually only use them in the bedroom for 30-40 min, while at work it could be several hours.

Amp - Both headphones are easy enough to drive and don't necessarily need an amp, but can improve sound a bit with one. For me a DAC/amp is essential at work because the headphone jack on the IBM has a horrible non-stop static. For $88 including shipping for both, it's definitely a great value. I would not want a higher end can at work because something like an AKG-K701 or Denon AH-D2000, 5000, 7000 is just too big and I would worry about leaving it in my flimsy locked cupboard.

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