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ATH-M50 Replacements - m50x or something else?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by cranda58, Jul 20, 2015.
  1. cranda58
    I've got a friend of mine who is purchasing my ATH-M50's and need a new pair of closed back headphones for work.
    I listen to a lot of rock, d&b, some rap, some classical. Very wide range of music.
    I have a Fiio E10K Olympus 2 DAC/Amp hooked up to my computer, so that's what I will be using it with.
    I have always loved my ATH-M50's, so the logical choice would be to just upgrade to the ATH-M50x, but I want to explore additional options as well. I've heard good things and am intrigued by the  PSB M4U 1. How do these compare to the ATH-M50?
    Any other suggestions? Looking to spend ~$300 or less. That budget can stretch if it's worth the upgrade.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. Sekka
    I would recommend the Audio Technica ATH-A900x, though the PSB M4U 1 does look promising as well.
    Compared to the m50s, they are more comfortable (if the wing system doesn't work for you, just rubber band it together), have a vastly larger soundstage, less midrange recession, less fatiguing highs, and a bit more refinement in general.
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  3. pjyi
    I would recommend
    - A900X (~ $150)
    - ATH MSR7 (~$225)
    - NAD HP 50 (~ $300)
    - ATH M70X (~$300) although I prefer NAD HP 50 over this one
    One of these four depending on your budget and your preference
    I also heard a lot of good reviews about mad dog pro headphones (~$350) maybe you can get a used pair.
  4. cranda58
    Interesting, going to check out the A900x's.
    The size of the earcups on those at first glance made me think of my DT-880 Pros, which are probably the most comfortable headphones I own. Those are open back, but I love the sound out of them. Would it be worth looking at the Beyer DT-770 Pros?

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