ATH-M50 of the watch world. Question to someone who knows watches.
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Jan 10, 2011
So, I am starting preliminary research into the complex world of watches, just like I did with the world of audio some years ago.
I am looking for an entry level luxury watch and was wondering if anyone on this site happens to enjoy watches as much as they do audio equipment.
My budget is about $500. Can go up a hundred or two should the watch prove irresistable. 
I'm now just learning the basics and finding out what I may like for a first watch (I'm just about to graduate college), and I've leaned towards a skeleton design (not concrete), with a non-quartz movement. I'm looking for something other than Chinese (Invicta, Swiss Legend). 
So far some designs I've liked include some Seiko's with kinetic movement as well as a nice skeleton from a small German watchmaker named Kemmner. 
I'm just looking for the M-50 of the watch world. A watch that any conniouseeur would say is bang for your buck, something of quality and craftsmanship that comes from a respectable watchmaker, that does not break the bank.

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