ATH-CK7 vs. Denon C551 vs. RE2
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The denon 551s are for 60$ on amazon today! guess thats a great deal! i see thers a lot of recommendation for the RE2s here over the denons. This is my first investment and im very apprehensive about the buy. Im tending to go for the denons cos of the price and also an established successful combo with my sony 618.

Will i lose a lot of detail with the denons in comparison to the RE2s? I love good bass (where the denons score) but detail is equally important. How much detail and clarity will i be losing with the denons when compared to the RE2? is that a really significant amount?
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Don't mean to be blunt, but you are spending way too much time worrying about this decision. If you think the Denons are the best choice, then buy them and enjoy. No amount of feedback seems to be enough here, and for a $20 difference, it's not that much of a big deal. I know to you it is, but it seems like the thread is going nowhere at this point. Get the Denons. Get the RE2s. Either way, you will be getting your money's worth.
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Sorry guys for being annoying! anyways all your posts have been very helpful! Thanks so much everyone!!
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RE2s have been wonderfull since I got them.
I never had the oportunity to compare with a gr8 earphone...
But this the best I have ever listened to... the previous best being PX100

Now I know how much better this earphones are to that
The site has certainly tought me how to analyse a earphone..
I use it at gym.. found no issues.
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I have just picked up a set of C551s (my first half decent set of earphones) and I have to say I've very pleased with them. I only paid £36 STG for them + the cost of some Comply T400s, but for what I want to do with them (which is sit on the plane and train and be able to hear what's going on instead of the background noise), they're very good. I can also listen to my music with the EQ flat and presumably how it was mixed and intended to be listened to in the first place.

I daresay I will upgrade them in the future, but for now, I am happy
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Originally Posted by steviebee /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Can only comment on CK7 from your choices...

Good bass presentation, very good. Bright and detailed treble. Clear mids. A warm sig (ala Shure)? No. Not great but not bad on isolation, but leaks some. Superb build quality. It's SQ punches above it's class...


I have 2 pairs of CK7s. I love them alot. I use them with my Cowon D2+. The sound quality is very good.
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Out of those, I'd go the CK7 for an all-round balanced sound. I feel there are better choices around like the Nuforce NE-7M, Apple In-Ear Headphone and the Monster Turbines though, all around of sub US$100.

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