ATH-A900x or AKG K545?
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I am looking for a closed back pair of headphones for gaming and music purposes, and I have heard that the the ATH-A900x and AKG K545 are both good options. Which one would you guys vote for? If you have any other suggestions feel free to post them, budget is $175 and I am willing to buy refurbished.
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K545 is more neutral, A900x is more fun from what I hear. The K545 is pretty open sounding for a closed can, haven't heard the A900x tbh.
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Have the A900x  and  it has great clarity and also have a great soundstage for a closed headphone plus great separation of instruments and layers of sound.Plus it has great bass textures. BuyDig has them for $149.00 new right now.
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I own the K550 and ATH-A900X.
I prefer the A900X, more life to it's sound.
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Massdrop has the AKG K550 for $119: (you must register to view the drop). This is an updated version of the AKG K550.

I like the sound of the the A900X, but not a fan of the wing system. I'd consider AKG K550 and A900X similar in sonic class. Could be you would like one or the other. Given that the K553 is supposed to sound very similar to the K550, I'd say go for that for $119 :)

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