ATH-A500X vs. ATH-A700X and Smartphone compatibility
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Jul 5, 2015
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Hello guys :) I have a few questions. First of all, I was going to buy 500x and surprisingly it got a discount by 40% and I was able to buy 700x and pay less than the undiscounted price of 500x. But, I didnt lol, instead I just purchased 500x and Im waiting for it to arrive.
So, is it bad? I mean, should I have purchased 700x? Whats the differences between them, is it great?
My second question is, I know that I can pair them with my ASUS N550JV and Desktop PC which has Creative Xtreme Music card.
But can I pair 500x with my Galaxy Alpha? It has Wolfson Microelectronics WM5110E DAC.
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I don't know your specific equipment.  However both of these cans work well unamped, although you might get just a bit more out of them with a modest amp.
In this line each can up the ladder is better than the one below it.  Not sure why you would go for the down line model--especially under these circumstances.

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