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Headphoneus Supremus
Mar 25, 2005
Just an interesting FYI. I have a AD900 and I broke the pad piece that keeps the headphone sitting on your head.

Called, he asked if it was just the padding or the entire plastic piece. Told him the entire piece. Took my address and promptly said it will be mailed to you.

Arrived, no charge.

Has to be among the best service calls I have made, other than Asus Notebook support.

Oh, well just wanted to mention that if people were wondering about AT support.


Also browsed prices for AT headphones just looking for replacement. Holycrap, the prices have rocketed since I last bought mine. AD900 costing 100 bucks more than I paid for them. Jeez, the AD700 at Headroom cost 80 bucks more than I paid for my AD900. Was thinking of getting the AD2000, made me hesitate, gotta rethink this purchase now.

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