Astell&Kern KANN CUBE software question
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Oct 25, 2004
Not sure if I’m missing something with my new A&K Kann Cube: under any given artist, their albums are displaying alphabetically (A-Z, top to bottom on the BIG screen) and I can’t figure out a way to display them by release year (oldest to newest, top to bottom). My entire music collection consists of CD’s ripped in ALAC using iTunes/Apple Music, with the release years (obsessively) tagged. I have always owned previous A&K players (AK240, AK300 & AK70MKII), and the software always just automatically organized the albums by release year (and it was one of my favorite qualities of A&K players vs. others). I don’t see any way I’m able to adjust this on the screen or the player. Any help or info from new(ish) A&K owners or others (@JasonNYC, possibly!) would be greatly appreciated.
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