Around 30€ Headphones Advice (Superlux?)
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Oct 1, 2015
Hello guys,
I know that you must have read this question like +1000 times, but I've read a lot of reviews and posts, and I can't decide. I gues that it's due to my lack of knowledge and experience in the sound field. When I say lack of knowledge I mean that I don't really know if I should be looking for some bass-oriented headphones if my music tastes are rock bands like Led Zeppelin, Guns n' Roses, Tool, Incubus and Porcupine Tree, or maybe something more balanced.
The best quality/price that I've heard in forums are Superlux headphones. I'm planning on buying them in, since I'm living in the Netherlands and shipping is only 2.50€. After reading a lot of reviews about this brand, the two most famous models are the HD668b, which is supposed to be more balanced and transparent, and the HD681-EVO, which emphasizes more in bass.
There are also more Superlux options for the same price, 29€, (330, 661,662,669...) in so of course I'm open to other choices!
So, I'd really appreciate if someone could enlighten me here!
Thanks in advance!

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